Healthy living in challenging times possible?

In times of crisis people tend to stockpile tons of food ("for bad times" old people tend calling it while I was a child) AND at least in Austria (for whatever reason) tons of toilet paper, which is already ridiculous.

Most of this food is neither healthy nor nourishing, "BUT at least we have food" some would say! This isn't true!

I talked today with my mum and we both agreed that our generation has no idea what hunger/starving and living in fear means - not at all. Our generation is still blessed having the possibility to buy from grocery stores, having food at home which we anyway have due buying always too much (hoarding can be a hobby too!). We still can buy food from abroad which in times of crisis are truly unnecessary (in my opinion!).

Yet we are not aware of how unhealthy we eat, unhealthy we think about all this and unhealthy daily routine. Even with food allergies! Due my broken colon, I changed to gluten free food and found out how much unhealthy food is out there (but gluten free!) I would not even buy nor eat due the additional added food additives they gave in. I got more sick of those added food additives than from the gluten. So I wondered why healthy living is still so challenging - crisis or no crisis!


I love to ask you about your diet or eating habits with food allergies: Do you buy less proceed food, with less food additives or do you only check if your food allergies are in or not? Where do you buy your food regularly and now in times of crisis? In big supermarket or at local suppliers?


In Austria at the moment, many local food suppliers barely survive and we have challenges to find customers for the fresh veggies and fruits which should be crop from the field.

Isn't that interesting?

On one side we can buy everything - from abroad - in grocery stores (healthy or not!) and on the other side fresh healthy (organic) food from our home country go to waste! Exactly that food which would boost your immune system for staying healthy AND which would be cheaper than "junk food".

Isn't that interesting as well?

As living in the countryside we have local suppliers around where we get everything we love for daily healthy living. A dear friend of mine which is into real healthy living bought food from local suppliers which fill him for weeks for approx. EUR90! From the last years "testing" zero waste and how much food I truly need for a good healthy living as well creating a food program for students living with less than 15EUR/week, I found out that tons of fresh delicious healthy fruits and veggies are...for free!

How come? Its the same as mention above: many people who have trees full with fruits or have veggies are not cropping them! Or we have built up groups with food sharing where you can ask for leftovers from others (in Austria we have a huge community for food sharing, dumpstering and co!). Or you go to a market at Saturday late afternoon and you get leftover fruits/veggies for free! :) - is that simple! Ask or pick up others wouldn't do!

But what about people living in the city? How many chances do they have buying from local suppliers healthy fresh food and stay healthy? Its very comfy when you only go to a big grocery store, buy your usual food and go home. In this times like this, its (in my opinion) crucial to know where you get locally food - especially in cities.

My tip!

Check NOW around you where you have possibilities buying healthy, vital food locally or if you

have a delivery service of local suppliers. Also check if you have neighbors who grow fruits and veggies or have a fish pond, chicken giving eggs for their own supply - maybe they would share with you in times of true crisis (we have neighbors like this!)

Furthermore check for yourself which food helps you staying healthy and vital - maybe you find new foodstuff you never tried before, yet helps you staying healthy in times of crisis.


a healthy body keeps a healthy mind(set) keeps a healthy attitude and strengthen your decision for better choices than freaking out (and buy tons of toilet paper for...who knows one day?) and maybe hurt someone else as well. ... for nothing!

Pls stay healthy. Stay positive AND listen to your body (intelligence) whats good for your body to stay healthy - even with food allergies!

About the author:

Coming from a bakery, food was always a core topic in her living. From overweight to anorexia nervosa to nearly dying from a colon problem, Bernadette begun more than 20years ago searching for solutions reg. her food challenges.

Further education about food, sport, nutrition and NLP helped her overcoming this food challenges.

Through this she created a complete new nourishment form called „ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-) membering our own body intelligence.

Publisher and author of the successful award-winning book series called "First aid for..." where she also have a focus on nutrition, food allergies, nutrition for kids/parents/babies as well eating disorder. Creating more books, cards and information about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and everything connected with, will come out the next years!

Successfully Master’s degree in health management with focus on public health. International PhD & research in the fields of health communication with focus on neuro/psycho linguistics combined with neuro plasticity and health economics (main research field "health framing").

Global Author Award 2018 / Nominatee NLP Award in Research 2019 in London.

2020 own research center in Austria.


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