Food planning in emergency times! What we can learn from top sporties!

In times like this tons of people buy food, food, food to...survive? Even when the shops are daily open, bad news like we have at the moment, can change the attitude, behaviour and acting of people! But we in Austria have no idea actually what food shortage means - definitiv not the younger generation.


still we should be prepared in times of true crisis and we can learn from military AND top athlets how to act not having hunger while food shortage is given. Especially when you have food allergies and intolerances as me (no gluten, no dairy products AND vegan)!

Tip 1: buy "healthy basic food" which you can easily store!

Most of the people tend to buy what they know in their "food world" like deep-frozen food; prepared food (pizza & Co); canned food and so on. But what if...the electricity wents of and you cannot heat any food nor the fridge works anymore? What are you eating now?

At military, survival camps and at the country side in the "good old times" they had food which are either tried - beef jerky, tried fruits/veggies - or fermented - sauerkraut, mixed pickels - or preserved. My mum and I ferment, preserve every year when fresh fruits, veggies are given tons of food which not only reduce unwanted food others would throw away, but also safe money big time! In times like we have now we primarily eat this delicious, healthy nutritious food where we stay health and vital!

My book tip for this: or Pinterest!

Tip 2: Food planning

For years I use a food plan for preparing food ahead as I travel a lot, work (too much) and do sport! Therefore less time for cooking daily!

With a food plan

  • I reduce unwanted food I would buy but never eat;

  • I reduce waste and cooking too much;

  • I reduce having a huge food storage I maybe can use for other stuff;

  • i gain more time for other things

  • have a healthy, mixed meal plan where I know getting all vitamines, minerals (balanced diet)

Learning from top athlets, I know less food intake, mixed balanced diet will bring me less cheating days, less emotional imbalance, less health problems, but more joy, health and a vital living! AND the best: I save more money due a good food planning AND can buy organic food too - still saving money with it!

In times of crisis handling money carefully for what you buy, is very essential as well! You never know for what else you might need money (like essential medicaments,...)!

My tip for food planning: - I use similar one in German and love it!

Tip 3: Write down what you can get rid of/give away in times of crisis!

In good times we tend to buy things you might not need; do things you might not need as well and eat/drink something what you do not need as well either - necessarily!

10 years ago I questioned myself what I actually need for a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle! I ended up giving away everything step by step till my belongings fit in a car! ONE car! Now maybe some readers here will "scream - NO WAY!", BUT that's what I thought before too! After having so less, I "nearly" refused going back to normal living and still today I have a reduced living I enjoy a lot!

Ask yourself AND write down for yourself what you

a) necessarily NEED for living a "good living standard" you define

b) maybe NEED for my living standard

c) no NEED at all for "surving" in times of crisis

d) give away right now!

It might sounds weird, but very helpful when "needed"! :) - I gave away bad habits, tons of books, tons of clothes, furniture, cuttlery / no alcohol anymore, no sweet drinks, less sugar, no food I cannot eat or like and so on / less plastic, less... - It was for me very be-freeing!

I went more into zero waste, green living, green housing - found many new solutions for this topics as well new friends and new habits! Due this lifestyle change, I also created my own nutrition form I call ORINITION - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body. and I easily felt my "feel-good-body" and got healthier than in my 20ties! So one question/wondering and so much changes for something better was for me the best I did!

Happy new choices for NOW and your future!

Bernadette from Austria

P.S.: the funniest in Austria at the moment is that all the healthy, non prepared and organic food is available! That which nurtures you the most in times of crisis! How is it in your country?

About the author:

Coming from a bakery, food was always a core topic in her living. From overweight to anorexia nervosa to nearly dying from a colon problem, Bernadette begun more than 20years ago searching for solutions reg. her food challenges.

Further education about food, sport, nutrition and NLP helped her overcoming this food challenges.

Through this she created a complete new nourishment form called „ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-) membering our own body intelligence.

Publisher and author of the successful award-winning book series called "First aid for..." where she also have a focus on nutrition, food allergies, nutrition for kids/parents/babies as well eating disorder. Creating more books, cards and information about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and everything connected with, will come out the next years!

Successfully Master’s degree in health management with focus on public health. International PhD & research in the fields of health communication with focus on neuro/psycho linguistics combined with neuro plasticity and health economics (main research field "health framing").

Global Author Award 2018 / Nominatee NLP Award in Research 2019 in London.

2020 own research center in Austria.


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