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PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through guides the reader through The PERCOLATE Process, a 9 point plan for allowing your best to filter through and change your life from living to thriving. This valuable tool combines inspiring, practical exercises and Elizabeth's heart-warming story and ideas with empowering psychological principles. The process is based on Elizabeth's own method of change and discovery. In 1998, after nearly losing her life to an allergic reaction, she chose an “I will survive and thrive” attitude. Elizabeth was motivated by having two small children and moving forward required a first step of accepting this new "Elizabeth", being bold enough to allow her confidence to surface and constantly reminding herself, "I am enough. I will take action."

I absolutely LOVE this book and all that it stands for. Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino does an amazing job of inspiring positive thinking, self-love and mindfulness in an easy to follow 9 Step, thought-provoking process. This book has been an instrumental foundation of information; guiding me through a complete life style transformation over the past year. This transformation has not only allowed me to loose over 100 pounds, but has also allowed me to find my "Best Self" and has taught me to let my best self filter through into all aspects of my life.

(Note - Jennifer does not have food allergies)

/// Jennifer Whitten Morrell

Do you know that feeling you get when you're faced with a problem that you can't stop grappling with? Do you know the feeling, in the back of your mind, that seems like it's always working on it? That's what I think of when I think of the word percolate and Elizabeth's book is a nice way to get the ball rolling on solving problems that you face in your life. I see many people trying to solve problems with the wrong attitude, with the wrong priorities in mind, and with a negative attitude. I like Elizabeth's approach to solving the problems that everyone faces. It reminds me of the traditions of mindfulness and Zen Buddhism that are increasingly appreciated here in the Western world, where we tend to live hectic lives with mixed up priorities.

/// Dr. Leland Stillman, Foodwise

Having a hospital administration background, I feel it is essential for hospitals around the country, especially ICU and critical care units, to take note of this book and have copies available to families and patients. PERCOLATE provides a new way of approaching life, adapting to change and finding gratitude and peace. Elizabeth, congratulations on your success! So proud to have you as #FAACT's Spokesperson!

///  Eleanor Garrow-Holding, President & CEO - Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)

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